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The University of Amsterdam has four campuses located around the city. As I study social sciences I am located at Roeterseiland campus which is located just East of the city centre, in the Jewish Quarter of Amsterdam.

Roeterseiland campus is also the place for Economics and Business, the Amsterdam Business School, the Social and Behavioural Sciences and student cultural centre, CREA, and the faculty of law. As Geography falls under social sciences, I get to make use of the amazing modern buildings, cute restaurants, coffeeshops, and there’s even a zoo just a 10 minute walk away.

Follow this link to take a campus tour of the campus

Follow this link to see their instagram page and to find out more about the UvA’s various campuses

Studying abroad and adjusting to a whole new education system can be pretty tiring, so when I am feeling stressed and overwhelmed with work I really like to come to these places to relax with friends or just for a bit of a break.

1. Kriterion

Kriterion is a art house film theatre founded by anti-nazi students, “Stitching Kriterion” in 1945. It used to run as a charitable foundation helping students with living costs and was the centre of leftwing student politics in the 60’s.

Today, Kriterion screens almost 9 films a day and is one of my favourite spots on campus, and is also a cheap bar/cafe with a very cozy vibe. In line with its political roots, it hosts a monthly night called ‘Movies that Matter’ in conjunction with Amnesty Intl. You can study here in the day, they usually play some lofi beats, but it is also lovely to go to after your evening lectures (yes these exist) to meet with friends. Kriterion also has a resident cat which regularly contributes to the content of their instagram (@kriterionamsterdam). Their ‘Taco Tuesdays’ is also the highlight of my week (they are only €2.20)

2. CREA – Student Cultural Centre

CREA is located at the Nieuwe Achtergracht in a monumental diamond polishing factory which has been transformed into a modern building. CREA has a theatre, music hall for concerts and parties and a wide range of large and small studios.

At CREA there is almost something going on every evening. It hosts weekly meditation drop-ins which I love to go to when I have a busy day at uni as well as loads of other interesting activities, these can range from tango classes, documentary filming courses and ceramic modelling lessons! CREA also supports students through offering grants for students who wish to start up a project. The CREA cafe also does some great nachos which can be enjoyed on a sunny day with their outdoor seating area and a great view of campus.

3. Student Common Room in ABC building

The Common Room is the living room of the Roeterseiland Campus. There are tables and benches where you can hold meetings, work together on group assignments or recover from your lectures. Apart from being a nice study space with a friendly vibe, you can also pick up the student newspaper here as well as flyers for interesting events happening around campus and local student insight, for example, where to get the cheapest hair cuts or where to find an internship in the city.

To be honest, I don’t find the prices on campus for food that student-friendly (despite the coffee being only 40 cents) so this Youtube video gives a quick guide to 5 cheap places to eat nearby the campus

Although these are just a few of my favourite spots, the university buildings themselves are beautiful and so sometimes I just eat my packed lunch outside by the bridge and admire the view, or even take a walk around the neighbourhood that surrounds campus which is also really lovely and has a few vintage shops scattered about. If you are also feeling like you need a change of scenery or a break from walk, the Artis zoo or Ooster park are both a 5 min cycle from uni and can help you reconnect with nature.

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