The Highs and Lows of 2nd Semester

By Lauren Howie, the University of Manchester

After an incredible 4 months off uni, the stress of essay deadlines, 9ams and rushed breakfasts has become a strange and distant memory.

Before coming out to Australia I was anxious about my second semester. Would I have friends staying the whole year? Would I need to find a new house? Would I be ready to go home? 


The Hostel Crew

Well I wish I could go back and tell my typically overly worried self to chill out. Although many of the amazing people I’ve met out here will be returning home this semester, there are still plenty of incredible people sticking around!

Whether it’s your course-mates, friends from work, fellow exchange students or neighbours – there will always be people around you! If you’re still having doubts then the great thing about starting a new semester is that it’s the perfect time to join a society and meet even more people. Honestly, the likelihood is that you will be so overwhelmed with coffee dates and brunch pals that by week 3 you’ll already be craving some one-on-one time! 


My Home in Carlton

As for housing I chose to sign a year lease on a house with 4 other exchange students I met in a hostel. I’m really happy we did this as it meant I didn’t have to stress about finding anywhere new over the summer break. It was also a great way to save money as it was super easy to rent out our rooms while travelling! 


My Mum on her trip to Sydney

And finally the fear of being home sick. Although I think of my friends and family at home often, I can’t assure you enough how quickly time passes here! 7 months has flown by and I’m more than thrilled that I get to spend another semester exploring this great city before I go back to the chilly streets of Manchester. What probably made this easier was that I was really lucky to have my family visit me throughout my time in Aus. If you can arrange a little holiday with someone from home then I would highly recommend!

So bring on the groggy early mornings, half eaten pieces of toast and never ending journal articles – semester 2 I’m ready for you! 

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