Why every ERASMUS student should take a trip to Budapest

One of the benefits of studying in Mainland Europe is the cheap and easy access to other European destinations. During January two of my Erasmus friends and I took a trip to the Hungarian Capital. We had an amazing time, so here is a concise list of why I think you should go to Budapest too! 

The price! 

The Hungarian Forint is relatively weak next to the Pound, which means that as Capital cities go, it is very cheap for eating out and drinking. In some bars we got three pints for £5! Also, we found bottles of wine for £1 in Lidl. The price makes it so that you can eat out every night, but still stay within a student budget, which is an ideal prospect. 

The Budapest Parliament building 

This piece of architecture is definitely one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen. The building is situated in Pest near the water and is free to tour the outside and take pictures. If you’re a fan of European architecture, it should definitely feature on your bucket list! 

The thermal baths

We visited the outside Szechenyi thermal baths which worked out at £12 for a day entry. We easily spent four hours there, rotating between the Saunas, steam rooms, and the inside and outside thermal baths ranging from 27- 40 degrees celsius!

The ruin bars 

These bars are the foundation of the nightlife in Budapest! The Szimpla bar we visited reminded me of Hidden in Manchester – with an opportunity to graffiti the walls and a DJ set up in the corner of the ground floor. It had a really cool vibe that made you want to stay there for hours. 

The food 

We didn’t really try Hungarian food as it wasn’t too friendly to vegetarians, but there were so many amazing restaurants in the city. One of the days we had greek food at this fancy restaurant and the bill came to  £35 for all three of us!

There is so much to see in the city of Budapest and you can get around by tram, foot or these Lime scooters that are pretty cheap. It truly is the best place to visit as a student! I hope you give it a visit too!

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