Reading Week Trip (J’adore Montreal!)

By Modinat Tijani, Queen’s University, Canada

If you go to Canada, I would definitely recommend travelling. I went to Montreal during reading week and it was such a great time. It’s such a beautiful city, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Kingston is clearly a small city/town; it feels like a village. To get to Toronto it’s about a four-hour drive and to get to Montreal it’s about a three hour drive. There’s definitely a lot to do but I think I’m more of a city person honestly. During the fall reading week I went to Montreal with a few friends for a couple of days and it was gorgeous I would definitely recommend. Some of the things we did were hit up the botanical gardens, Climbing mount Royale, going to a bunch of museums as well as doing the Van Gogh immersive experience. Even though reading week is meant for studying (as per the ‘reading’ part of the week) it was great to get a break from university and take my mind off of the impending lab reports I had to do face. 

Me at the J’adore Montreal sign
The top of Mont-Royal

The last two pictures were at the botanical gardens.

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