My Year Abroad Experience with Christevie – Manchester 10/10

My name is Christevie, and I study Philosophy, Politics & Economics. I moved to Manchester from London and I am from the Democratic Republic of Congo. I spent a year abroad at The University of Toronto (UofT) in Canada.

During this time I got to do a lot of exciting things. Canada bordering the US meant I got to travel to New York, Los Angeles and San Diego for affordable prices with friends! I also got to live in a multicultural city on the 41st floor with an amazing view. Of course, my year abroad was for studying, and since UofT has such a diverse range of courses I got to learn about so many new things. One of my favourite courses was African Youth Languages! If you are considering a year/semester abroad, I would recommend it! It is great to put on your CV and it is a fantastic opportunity to explore a new country as a student, which is an affordable and enriching experience. You will meet so many amazing people and create memories that you will never forget. If you want to fall more in love with your degree, travel and develop your independence send that application

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