Before Leaving…

It’s been a while since I last thought about moving to the States. I was 17 when I decided to become an exchange student in a Canadian high school, and since then, I thought my experience abroad was over. But now, once again, I’ve been given the opportunity to travel, to discover a new culture, and to get to know myself a bit better. Isn’t this extraordinary?

In eight days I’ll be on the plane. Destination? Phoenix. No turning back. Me, my luggage, and all my expectations and fears. What if I won’t like my housemates? What if I won’t like the courses? But c’mon, think about all the opportunities you’ll have, all the friends you’ll make. You’ve always watched High School Musical, and you’ve always been dreaming of those lockers, the cheerleaders, the football team! There is more to gain than to lose!

Going abroad is one of those experiences that simply form your person. it teaches you to expect the unexpected! Every day is a different story, and you just have to trust the journey and try out all you can, with no judgment. Eventually, you’ll find out that it’s all you’ve always been waiting for! That for how tough it can get, you’ll always get up and get back in the game stronger, because it’s your game and no one can win it but you.

I’m ready for this, I can do it. What about you?

Impressions on Returning to Manchester

By Lisa Scott (Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada)

It is hard to reflect on my study abroad year without spending the next few hours wishing I was still there. The whole experience was amazing!

I have used the positive experience I gained from studying abroad to encourage others to do the same, by volunteering at study abroad fairs and meetings through the Global Ambassadors programme. Studying abroad also encouraged me to socialise with students from other cultures, therefore, once I returned to Manchester I participated in the Global Friends programme throughout semester one and worked at the international students’ Orientation in September which enabled me to interact with students from all over the world.

Studying abroad gave me a real passion to gain more international experience. I am looking at graduate opportunities abroad which will hopefully take me to another part of the world which is something I wouldn’t have thought about without studying abroad.

The photo collage below shows all my favourite snaps from studying abroad!

PicMonkey Collage