Hong Kong Update

By Roopa Hathi (Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong).

23rd September

Hey readers!

Hong Kong has been extremely busy and so many things have happened since I have first started!

The city is just amazing and has so much to offer; after being here for almost 4 weeks now, I have learnt that the best way to enjoy my free time is just to get off at a random MTR stop and to lose myself whilst exploring the streets. Around every corner there is something new and exciting!

I have made friends with people from many different countries, from Americans, to Dutch, Germans, Australians and of course the Hong Kong locals in my classes.

It’s a really nice way to learn about new people and different cultures, and even experience new things. Everyday there is something new going on, and you have a chance to meet new people everyday.

It has been extremely interesting getting settled into a new city, and learning a completely new daily routine. Just like when I arrived in Manchester almost three years ago now! I’ve had to find new ways to get groceries, get used to the new transport system, a new climate, and new daily activities to keep me busy!

I am constantly finding new things to do everyday, and have a never-ending to do list. But so far I have been extremely busy! From visiting world famous landmarks, to exploring local cuisines, and diving off of cliffs- there is very few things that I will not try whilst I am here!

Lectures are going well, they are very similar to those in Manchester and all the lectures speak perfect English- so in terms of education it feels exactly the same as Manchester. I have chosen to take two modules of Mandarin Chinese which has been interesting, I am excited to learn the language and can only dream of being able to string a sentence together at the end of this year- I will try my best!

Speak soon! 🙂








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