Back in Manchester!

By Katie Lewin (Simon Fraser University, Canada)

I am finally back in Manchester after a long adventurous year away. I missed Manchester so much while abroad so it feels so good to be back, catching up with friends and being in one of my favourite places again.

I worked as a Student Ambassador during Orientation and Welcome Week so I was involved a lot with incoming international students. It was weird to be in the reverse position, knowing exactly how they were feeling and how that was me a year ago going to SFU! I tried my best to reassure and welcome them to Manchester, and tell them how much fun they will have here.

It took me a little while to remember where all the university buildings are, but otherwise I have readjusted quickly and it feels as if I have never been away. Lectures and the academic side so far are how I remembered and it is just like going back into an old routine. Although I know this year will be more work and pressure so obviously it won’t be as easy as my previous university years.

I think study abroad has made me more of a tourist as even now I am back in England I am always looking for new and fun things to visit and try. So I am already searching out new restaurants in Manchester, and weekend or day trips that I could do when I am in need of an adventure. However I also think I may visit home more this year as from study abroad I definitely treasure my family and friends more, and I don’t take being so close to them for granted anymore.

I am really excited for the upcoming year, but also slightly terrified since I have my dissertation to complete, as well as all the final year stress before I have to become a proper adult. However I survived a year abroad so I am sure I’ll be fine. Bring on final year!

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