My Trip to Montreal!

By Essence Aikman, Queen’s University, Canada.

Hello all! Classes are nearly over and my time abroad is quickly coming to a close sadly. With my finals approaching, I thought it was a great time to go over one of my favorite trips while living here in Canada!

My amazing trip to Montreal with one of my flatmates here in Kingston was the most fun. It was great to go right before our midterms, giving us some study time and pure relaxation. We got on the coach for two hours or so in the morning, arriving into the city around midday. The journey there wasn’t too bad, I was able to catch up on some missed sleep and took the time planning out what I wanted to write in my screenplay.

We both had projects we needed to complete while on this trip so we spent time in the city connected to the WiFi typing away on our laptops. A quick stop at a burger place to help fuel and recharge was needed as we continued powering on with our work. We were probably in the city for three hours just working before our time to check into our Air B&B came. Here, we waddled on over with our luggage in hand through the late winter snow. Once we arrived, we explored the house for a bit, discussing our separate projects before deciding on a place to eat for dinner.

After a while of relaxing and taking in the city views, we decided on a cute Italian place a few blocks away from where we were staying. The food was wonderful and the servers were excellent, I had spaghetti while she had some sea food. Once we returned back to our Air B&B, we cleaned up before ending the night with romantic comedy “The Holiday”. The next day was spent exploring more of Montreal and, of course, shopping! I purchased a few pieces that i am excited to take back with me, before making our way to the coach station to go home.

This two day trip was so much fun and I’m glad i got to experience it with my flatmate! With only a few more weeks left of my trip, I want to make the most of it while I still can. Hopefully more trips and shopping are in my future before my flight back to Manchester… I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for reading!

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