Mastering Assessments at the University of Melbourne: A Student’s Guide

By Emily Fujii Kyriakidou, University of Melbourne, Australia

Navigating the academic challenges of the University of Melbourne requires a blend of smart planning, consistent effort, and effective study techniques. Unlike the University of Manchester, the University of Melbourne’s assessment structure includes not only quizzes and assignments but also mid-semester tests that can account for 20-30% of your final grade. These mid-semester tests are crucial, as they cover a significant portion of the course content.

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Life in Brisbane

By Ffion Davies, University of Queensland, Australia

It’s been almost 3 months since I arrived in Australia and I can’t believe how quick the time has gone!! I can safely say that these 3 months have been some of the best of my life. Since my last blog, I have been on a trip to Byron Bay with QUEST (International exchange society) and it happened to be my birthday this weekend too! I had the best time. I’ve also been camping in North Stradbroke Island, where we saw loads of kangaroos and a koala, Moreton Island, as well as a trip to Noosa with the society.

QUEST has given me the chance to meet some amazing, like-minded people who will be friends for life! I also watched one of the Women’s World Cup games as the stadium was only a 10-minute train journey from my flat. As well as watching my first Australian football game. Both were great experiences!

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Moving to Milan

By Txell Borràs, University of Bocconi, Milan.

It has only been 10 days since I moved to Milan, and it already feels like a new home. To be honest, I did not have the best of welcomes, since the day I arrived we were on a government alert for heavy rain and the flight was delayed several times. However, the amazing experiences I have lived so far overweigh the chaos of the first days.

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The Biggest Must-do of Southeast Asia

By Emma Phillips, Singapore Management University, Singapore.

If you are ever studying, working, or travelling in Southeast Asia, then one trip you absolutely must do is the Ha Giang Loop. It consists of four days riding through Northern Vietnam witnessing beautiful panoramic views and the opportunity to spend time with many of the locals. What more could you want?

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Snorkelling with Sharks

By Amani Bates, The University of Western Australia, Australia

The idea of swimming with sharks might sound a bit daunting, but Whale Sharks are the tamest type of shark you could hope to interact with. That’s why I took a punishing 18-hour bus ride from Perth to Exmouth to go diving in the Ningaloo Reef…

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Reclaiming the city (Amsterdam and beyond)

by Nia Clarke, Universiteit van Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Last night I went to a talk with a friend in Pakhuis de Zwijer on reclaiming the city. This made me reflect that design is political. Amsterdam has some fantastic urban design, but much to improve.

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Bula! A Week in Fiji

By Lauren Tennant, University of New South Wales, Australia

Fiji has always been high up on my bucket list and due to its remote location, getting there from the UK feels near impossible ( and $$$! ). However, we spotted $400 return flights (around £215) from Sydney to Nadi and very last-minute decided to plan the dream trip. Having spoken to multiple people that had done a similar trip, I have a few tips to help you when budgeting and booking for Fiji.

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Putting the ‘study’ in study abroad

by Lauren Tennant, University of New South Wales, Australia

Most my posts have been about settling-in and the travelling experiences on offer in Sydney, however I thought it was important to touch on the studying itself!

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Top 3 Trips of the Year

By Millie Elwell, University of Maryland College Park, USA

Living in the USA for a year is perfect for travelling the country and sometimes it’s good to have a break from a college town. I’ve had quite a few adventures this year, and I encourage you to do the same. Here’s my top 3:

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What I wish I knew before my year abroad 

by Jasmine Angus, University of Bergen, Norway

Looking back after the most fantastic year I thought I would write a cheat sheet of things I wish I knew before my year abroad. Some of it will be generic and others will be specific to Bergen, but I hope it helps anyway!

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