Still Sydney-siding

Bethan Rowsby, Geography, University of Sydney, Australia.

Whilst many of my friends who are also studying abroad are coming to the end of their semester, mine has only just taken off. I’m currently in week 5, with 8 weeks to go and then exams so I will be finished by the 26th June! Or rather I would be, if I didn’t take a class that has a field trip in July to… Indonesia! Oh, the perks of being a Geographer. I am glad as it does mean that I am able to spend more time in Australia before I have to leave (plus it gives me more time for my dissertation research that needs to be done…). Sydney has become another home for me and I’ve been here for 10 months now yet there is still so much to explore.


My friend Daisy from Manchester has recently arrived in Sydney for her semester exchange, which has been great and we’ve enjoyed playing tourist in our new home. When I found out she hadn’t yet been to the Sydney Opera House after almost two weeks of being here, I had to change that. How you can arrive in Sydney and not feel the urgent desire to visit the harbour and the Opera House is unfathomable to me. It’s 1. so iconic and 2. really does live up to expectations and 3. so beautiful!!


In addition to our tourist escapades we’ve also been sunrise swimming at some of Sydney’s iconic beaches. It’s been getting colder as we’re heading into autumn, and the water is often warmer than the air at 6am but it’s nothing a good coffee won’t fix. Sydney siders love a good coffee. Alongside wearing activewear particularly when no active activity or sport is being undertaken. I however, choose to wear my activewear in an appropriate location; when playing korfball! If you’re in Sydney and looking for a good crew the Sydney City Redbacks meet and play Saturday mornings and are a good bunch (who brunch after training – winning).

Despite settling into Sydney so well and loving it here, I would like to make a quick nod to homesickness. It’s part of studying abroad and something that will hit you, especially if you’re away for a year but it’s also totally normal. It’s a good reminder that home is good and it makes me glad that I have a good thing that I can look forward to returning to.  Although this place and the people I know here will be so hard to leave.

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Until next time!


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