Sun is shining, the weather is sweet

From 3 weeks in (my last post) to 3 months in…oopsie.

Feeling like a local now. I got back to NUS after an amazing and eye opening recess week trip to Myanmar and thought, “Home sweet home.”

Weekend trips to explore Singapore died out as I settled into life on campus.

Anyway, I’ve realised what it is. What’s making me so productive and happy over here. The reason I sometimes couldn’t get out of my house, or even bed, when I lived in England. It’s because I’m in a tropical country! (Shocker, coming from a Caribbean girl)

I’d be lying if I said I was too busy with work to write a blog post. That’s not to say I’m not getting my work done. It’s amazing me actually. I’m working harder than I did in Manchester, but also meeting up with friends more, exercising more, reading more, and not to mention, partying more 😉 (Ladies’ night, holla) And it’s all thanks to Singapore’s sun, breeze, trees, and even rain. (The part of campus I live in, UTown, is super nice and accentuates all of this) Simply put, warmth and nature put me in a good mood.

Gone are the days I would hide under my blanket, planning how I was going to get all the way to my wardrobe, where my warm bath robe was. My view (no grey, gloomy skies) is enough motivation to get me out of bed 🙂


If I feel like exercising and burning off some of the Prata I ate for dinner? No problemooo, 10 pm night run.


I prefer to study outside once it’s not too hot.

But if I do end up inside a computer cluster, and either feel unproductive or a little chilly…Vitamin D tiiiiiime.


Having had a productive work day (sometimes the warmth and nature aren’t enough to make this happen though), when friends invite me out, I don’t have the freezing cold as an excuse not to go.


Pray for me next September when I go back to England.

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