Getting Ready

Packing was an extremely stressful process!

Trying to pack my life into one suitcase and a hand luggage bag was very hard, given that I am used to taking an entire car load to university with me. We had to filter my stuff down several times and still some clothes need to be sent out! But the most important thing is that I have the essential things, and that is my skis! Skis for Blog

I don’t like goodbyes, so I’m slightly apprehensive about the airport, as somehow I’ve managed to end up with loads of people coming to the airport to see me off, where I would possibly prefer to just go without making a big event out of it. However, I know that as soon as I make it through security and I am on my way I will be totally fine and excited for what’s to come.

I am worried that I am going to forget one essential piece of paper and that I’m not going to be allowed into the country when I get there, but I have put every piece of paper I’ve got relating to my visa and insurance in one folder so I can be prepared when I get there.

I am excited to meet my roommate and see what they’re like, and experience what the American College system is really like.  I cant wait to spend a whole year in Vermont, experiencing everything it has to offer. I’m very excited to meet a whole new group of people from all over the world, and get to experience a wide variety of cultures among the other exchange students at UVM.

I love to get outdoors and push myself outside my comfort zone, so I can’t wait to be in an environment where I will have the opportunity to do all sorts of activities such as backcountry skiing and rock climbing. I’m also massively looking forward to experiencing how big national holidays are in America, and my first Thanks Giving.

Of course, it will be slightly unnerving, having to understand a new university system right from the beginning, and understanding the various different ways you get graded, for example participation plays a much larger role than it does here in the UK, and I know that we are going to get homework!

Most of all I am excited to live in the home town of Ben and Jerry’s and have ice cream for breakfast every day.

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