Dining Halls…

I knew the food wasn’t going to be great, but to be honest it has exceeded my expectations. Everything is laced with copious amounts of sugar and salt, nothing I eat feels ‘healthy’, or like its doing anything good for my body. I can now see why the “freshers 15” is a thing. I was speaking to my friend, who was telling me how the apples even made her fat!!

There isn’t a massive amount of choice, there is pasta, pizza, burgers and chips at every meal, and if we’re lucky, one other option.

This is the amount of SUGAR left over from a plate of sweet potato fries, I have never seen sugar on chips before…

Occasionally, in one of the dining halls, there is the option to cook your own meal. I gave it a go, it was a nice break from dining hall food!

Step 1: Get kitted up in all the required health and safety clothing – Plastic apron, gloves, hair net. Looking dashing.


Step 2: Load up your bowl with all the pre-prepared ingredients for your dinner.
Step 3: Start Cooking!! Assisted by a lovely chef, making sure we don’t give ourselves food poisoning.
Step 4: Only slightly concerned.
Finished product: Chicken Alfredo pasta with lots of Parmesan, YUM!

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