Pre Departure

With 2 days left before I begin my Scandinavian adventure I have a range of mixed feelings. It suddenly feels very real that I will be living in a foreign country for the next year. I’m excited but also apprehensive of the possibilities. To deal with any potential homesickness I have made sure to utilize precious packing space to bring a little piece of home along with me.

                                   Figure 1 – Packing Essentials


I will be making the flight from Manchester to Copenhagen, before travelling across the Oresund bridge (a famous piece of Scandinavian engineering) by train to the small university town of Lund. This is perhaps an example of my expectations of Swedish/ Danish society, planned, orderly and efficient. Most of my studies here will be focused around sustainability and climate change, so seeing how the society works in relation to this will be interesting.

I’m looking forward to meeting people from all over the world, and getting involved with student life in maybe a different way than my home university. Watch this space.

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