Singapore’s most Instagram-worthy spots

And believe me, if there’s any place to take amazing insta pics – it’s Singapore.

If you didn’t already know, Singapore is aesthetically stunning. It’s extremely diverse, and this is projected through the country’s architecture and districts. This post is a run down of the must see places in Singapore – and make sure to have your camera fully charged, because you’re gonna want to snap a pic of them for the ‘gram.


  1. Marina Bay Sands

The signature photo spot in Singapore, and it’s easy to see why. The hotel overlooks the water infront and onto the downtown city centre. There’s shopping Centre inside will put the trafford centre to shame with a small canal with gondola’s running through it. And who can forget the classic Marina Bay infinity pool pic! There’s also a free water show every night out front – a must see. I recommend taking a trip up to the bar Ce La Vie which is on top of the boat to get a view of the Singapore skyline to watch the sunset.


     2. Gardens by the Bay

Words can barely describe these Gardens. A blend of the natural world and modern art coming together to form a one of a kind experience. Initial entry to the gardens is free, including the supertree grove light show than happens every night. It also has several indoor exhibits which are ticket admission, where nature meets design to create one of a kind experiences.


     3. Fort Canning Park 

fort canningA graveyard, a museum and a giant Alice in Wonderland hole in the ground… Fort Canning Park is a place of historical interest with much to also capture the eye and mind. This nature spot is highly underrated and also encompasses lots of interesting wildlife that aren’t present in the densely populated city areas, such as wild chickens and an array of beautiful butterflies.



     4. Arab Street

Entering this area of downtown makes you feel as though you have just entered into aarab street whole other world. With historical and cultural shops lining the streets, an array of diverse restaurants and bars it really is a must visit. Not to mention the stunning landmark of the Sultan Mosque – the country’s largest mosque!



     5. Clarke Quay

clarke quay on Instagram

Salford Quay’s eat your heart out. This whole area feels like it is a disney filmset, with large pastel buildings, innovative architecture and water features. A great place to grab a bite to eat and something to drink, this waterside hub of activity is more than just one of the main centres of nightlife.





      6. ArtScience Museum

Amongst several other museums Singapore boasts, the ArtScience is very unique. With constantly changing exhibits of modern art, there is always something new to see that excites the senses. Perhaps it is most well known for its Team Lab exhibit, which can also been seen across the globe in other locations including Tokyo and Shanghai!


     7. Changi Airport

Of course Singapore does nothing basic, and the main airport of Changi is no exception. Jewel includes various exciting things to do on arrival, the first and most obvious you’ll see being the 130ft waterfall that cascades from the clear glass rooftop. It also includes activities such as a maze, sky nets and a canopy bridge. You may not want to take any pictures here after your 16 hour flight, though…


     8. Chinatown

Another example of Singapore’s diverse culture is Chinatown. The winding roads scattered with lanterns all hold something new to discover. From traditional foods to souvenir shops and boutiques, there is always something new to see in Chinatown. Not to mention the famous Buddha Tooth Relic Temple!


     9. Botanic Gardens

A more natural alternative to Gardens by the Bay, the 161 year old Singapore Botanic Gardens is a tropical garden and is one of the most populous attractions in Singapore. The flora on display is vast and bewitching – it feels like you have fallen into a jungle paradise. We also happened to stumble upon it during their “Jazz for Dogs” annual concert… 10/10 would recommend.


     10. Little India

little india on Instagram

Little India is yet another entrance into one of Singapore’s vast cultures. Upon stepping into the area, it feels as though you have been teleported to India itself. The bustling streets are full of traditional restaurants, boutique shops and intriguing trinket stores. The colour and structure of the buildings are enchanting, and is a popular place for tourists to come to take some snaps. The landmark Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple is also located here – a must see.





P.S I recommend checking out YouTuber Georgia Caney on instagram for any more must see places. She’s a British expat whose been living in Singapore for the past few years and finds the best hidden gems!



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