Madrid’s Mountains

by Aleksandra Budd, Madrid, Spain

Despite my research, I didn’t know that Madrid is surrounded by mountains. Known as Sierra de Guadarrama, the mountains lie just outside of madrid, an hour by bus. If you have a student travel card, the journey is free. There are a few buses that stop near the mountain; the 682, 684685, and the 688.

Summer or winter the mountains are filled with beauty and adventure.

Sierra de Guadarrama


The Sierra de Guadarrama has the most breathtaking natural scenery, from mountain peaks, to forests, to rivers, to lakes. It’s an ideal destination for outdoor activities such as hiking, rock climbing, and biking. During the summer months the weather is warm and sunny; the perfect time to get out in nature! The only downside is that you can’t swim in the lakes, so don’t bother packing your swimming costume.

In addition to its natural beauty, the Sierra de Guadarrama is surrounded several historic towns and villages that are worth exploring. These include the charming town of Rascafría, the medieval village of Pedraza, and the historic city of Segovia.


I love winter sports, but it normally costs an arm and a leg to go skiing or snowboarding. That’s not the case when you live an hour away from the mountains. I went to the Valdesqui Ski Resort where you can get a day pass for 42.50 per adult. But my advice is if you want to save some money (and sleep in) you can get an afternoon pass after 12:30PM for 24.50. The price of equipment hire depends on what you need, but a complete equipment rental tends to cost around 25.

If you don’t fancy skiing or snowboarding you can also go hiking in the snowy mountains, just don’t forget to wrap up warm!

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