a pretty sick case of the travel bug

cringe intended…

by Olivia Lily Bucherer-Ezer, University of Toronto, Canada

One of the most incredible things to accompany an exchange year is your ability to travel to places you otherwise would have to pay a LOT more, or travel a LOT further to see. 

Toronto is situated on the northwest coast of Canada, giving those who live there the pleasure of being able to pop across the boarder to various exciting destinations. 

Over the last 6 months, I’ve taken a bite out of the Big Apple, practiced my year-9 French skills in Montreal, taken a freezing dip in the Parry Sound lakes, tested out Buffalo’s finest wings and filled up on more tacos imaginable in Mexico. 

Even writing that feels a little mind-boggling. Signing up to live abroad for a year was about as far as I could see myself travelling for a while, it was a big leap even signing up! However, this year has taught me how much there is to see of different cultures, foods, customs, traditions, landscapes and languages around the world. 

Either it’s my Geography degree speaking or I’ve fallen victim to a severe case of the travel bug but either way a study abroad provides incredible opportunities to explore places beyond wherever you’ve been assigned!

So if you’re umming and arring about whether travelling is something you’re interested in, or you’re unsure whether a study abroad is right for you… you’ll honestly surprise yourself!

Put some money aside, look for off-peak flights and cheap dingy hostels and just carpe diem the most out of your time abroad!!

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