Returning home from Mizzou.

By Becky Light, University of Missouri, USA

Compared to a lot of my friends at Mizzou, I was lucky to finish my finals early in my final week. This meant that I had enough time to enjoy my last week in the States. I went out for a final dinner with the girls from my dorm; Texas Roadhouse is a must! This was a really nice way to say goodbye to the people who had looked after me in my dorm and taught me so much about American culture.

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Thanksgiving and Finals Week at Mizzou

by Becky Light, University of Missouri, USA

As everyone warned me, the last few weeks of the semester have been jam-packed. In the weeks since Thanksgiving break, I have had lots of assignments and exams to submit, alongside finals week and trying to make the most of my last few weeks in the States.

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all good things come to an end

It’s nearly the end of August, and I’ve been back in the UK for about three months now. Although I feel like I’ve adjusted back to life here pretty well, there are still mornings when I’ll wake up, and realise that I’m no longer sharing a room with my roommate. The past few weeks have been quite hard, as the university term has just started at Mizzou, so my Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook are filled with photos of the campus, and of nights out in Columbia’s bars and clubs posted by all the friends I made there. As much as I love being back in England, with all the little home comforts I missed so much, I do wish that I could be back there, going through it all again!13119777_10153438796606536_719110007204662750_o Continue reading “all good things come to an end”

Miami 2…Columbia

Victoria Rowlands (Sociology) – The University of Missouri – Columbia

As promised, here is my entry about Spring Break. As promised, I got ridiculously sunburnt, despite wearing factor 45 suncream every day, and reapplying it religiously. BUT STILL, I HAD FUN!

The first part of my semester abroad has been pretty tough, in terms of the workload, so it was so lovely having time to relax and recharge. Easter break is only a week long, which is a huge departure from the three weeks we get in Manchester, so we were determined to make the most of it! Although most of our time was spent on the beach, we also made time to do some touristy things, too.

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Academic differences between Manchester and Mizzou

by Victoria Rowlands – Sociology. (The University of Missouri – Columbia, USA)

Now that I am 2 months into my time here at Mizzou, I feel like now is a good time to talk about the academic differences between here and Manchester. Spring break is in two weeks, and me and a bunch of the other Manchester students, along with some of our other friends, are headed to Miami for a week! I’m so excited, we honestly need the week off uni!

Before I came here, I was under the impression that there wouldn’t be that much work, and that I’d be gallivanting off to far flung corners of the Americas every weekend. How wrong I was. The reality is that I am spending my weekends in far flung corners of the library, instead. I went up to the east wing of third floor yesterday though, which was mildly exciting.

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from Manchester to the Mid-West…

by Victoria Rowlands – The University of Missouri – Columbia

Hello from a very cold University of Missouri-Columbia! I’ve been here for two weeks and still can’t accept just how cold it is! On my very first day in Columbia I woke up to find a foot of snow outside the window, and this is something which has become a recurring pattern over the past couple of weeks. The temperatures have gotten as low as -17c, but according to many of the Missouri natives I’ve spoken to, that’s considered to be relatively warm for winter. When I return to Manchester I don’t think I’ll be moaning about the cold as much anymore…

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